WestLand is a 100% Employee-Owned Company!

On February 1, 2021, after 24 years of successful, client-focused service, WestLand became 100% employee-owned. We believe in people; and whatever the future holds, the employee owners of WestLand are up to the challenge. Employee ownership aligns with WestLand’s mission, vision, and values and provides a means for our employees to secure their and their family’s future through their hard work and diligence. We have always believed the most secure investment a person can make is in themselves; our employee stock ownership plan provides this opportunity to each of our employees.

What Does it Mean to be 100% Employee Owned?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a noncontributory retirement benefit plan. This means that the Company, not individual employees, makes contributions to the ESOP for the benefit of all qualifying employees. The ESOP contributions made by the company are invested in WestLand stock, and then a beneficial interest in that stock is allocated to each eligible employee’s account within the WestLand Resources Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Trust. The ESOP enables an employee to acquire beneficial ownership in WestLand without having to invest their own money – this investment is enabled by our collective efforts.

At its heart, being an employee-owned company means we are working for the benefit of ourselves and our teammates. That is the power of an ESOP. To cultivate this power, WestLand has created an ESOP employee committee. This committee provides employee ESOP education opportunities, a means of gathering employee input to provide direct input and make recommendations to the senior management team and the board of directors. The employee owners of WestLand also participate in the election of our board of directors. The ESOP empowers all employees to think like owners to better their company and contribute to achieving WestLand’s vision.

Come Join WestLand and be an Employee Owner!

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Human Resources
WestLand Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.
4001 E Paradise Falls Dr,
Tucson, AZ 85712

ph: (520) 206-9585

Employee Owners Committee (EOC)

Becky Caroli
Archaeology, Field Director/Project Manager – Cultural Resources, Tucson (Chair)

George Fleming
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Phoenix (Vice Chair)

Jeff Charest
Archaeology, Principal Investigator – Cultural Resources - Flagstaff (Record Keeper)

Gabrielle Blanchette
Field Biologist – Environmental, Tucson

Gabrielle Diamond
Biologist – Environmental, Tucson

Jennifer Hushour
Director of Cultural Resources/West Bothell, WA

Anna King
Archaeology, Crew Chief – Cultural Resources, Tucson

Curtis Miles
Principal Engineer, Assistant Director – Engineering, Tucson

Kirk Smith
Landscape Architect, Tucson