Westland Resources teamed with the Nature Conservancy and the Tonto National Forest Tribal Monitoring Program to study the distribution, biology and cultural significance of wingleaf soapberry (Sapindus Saponaria L.) in Arizona. This new world native grows as a tree or shrub and is also known as: a’e, abolillo, amole, amolillo, boliche, chirrion, guayul, jaboncillo, mata muchacho, palo blanco, soapberry, wetern soapberry, and wingleaf soapberry. The primary study site is possibly the largest soapberry stand documented in Arizona and is situated within a well-perserved mesquite bosque along the lower San Pedro River, near Mammoth, Arizona, at the 7B Ranch. This soapberry stand consists of over 5,200 individual soapberry trees and shrubs concentrated in an area about 400 square meters. The largest soapberry trees here are estimated to be over a century old and rise to about 20 m in height, visually dominating the surrounding mesquite and hackberry canopies. The 7B Ranch is owned by Resolution Copper and managed by the Nature Conservancy. Ownership of the 3,073-acre parcel will be transferred to the Bureau of Land Management as part of a legislative land exchange between the United States Government and Resolution Copper.  This research has documented, characterized, and contextualized a unique ecological feature of the 7B Ranch, and provides data that can inform the long-term conservation management approach for this ecologically important property.

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About Resolution Copper

About Resolution Copper Corporation

Founded in 2002. The company's line of business includes the mining, milling, and preparing of copper ores.

The mine will generate sustainable benefits for Arizona, creating several thousand direct and indirect jobs located in Arizona’s Pioneer Mining District, with an economic value of several billion dollars over the estimated life of the mine. The project team is working with policy makers, regulators, businesses, leaders, Native American tribes, environmental advocates and the local community to develop the project safely and in a way that protects the area’s unique environment and cultural heritage.

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