Passionate about our work. Passionate about our people.

Great things can be achieved when people work together.

Since opening our doors in 1997, WestLand has grown from a handful of employees to a diverse group of over 170 professionals that offer a wide-range of experience and skills. We foster a family environment where employees are valued and respected. Our employees enjoy coming to work because they love what they do – delivering successful projects to our clients, and making a difference in our community. We value talent and initiative, and we put these qualities to work for our clients in an environment that cultivates professional growth and strong connections to the communities where we live and work.

Project Expertise

Qualified scientists, water and wastewater engineers, archaeologists, surveyors, biologists, environmental planners, permitting specialists, landscape architects and construction staff are part of the WestLand team.

Our Approach

Based on sound scientific and engineering principles, our work — like our staff — is characterized by integrity and focused attention to quality and service. We combine best practices with innovative approaches in a collaborative working dynamic that delivers the best possible outcomes for our clients.


  • Values: We practice rigorous science and engineering, integrating the requirements of environmental regulations. In this process, we offer our integrity as we respect our clients’ goals and objectives.
  • Expertise: We are at the forefront regarding knowledge of evolving regulatory requirements. We have an extensive understanding of regulatory programs, permitting, design methods, and regional
  • Dedication: Our people are experienced, senior professionals, who are committed to doing excellent work and fortifying longstanding relationships.