Cultural Resources

WestLand features a dedicated Cultural Resources Division to help you navigate the complex cultural resources regulatory process. Our professional staff is comprised of a large staff of principal investigators, project managers, field supervisors, and field archaeologists with a proven track record in survey, data recovery, and report preparation. We have an in-house staff that includes experts in the prehistoric cultures of the Southwest, Western mining history, cultural landscape studies, artifact analysis, archaeomagnetic dating, and archival research. Supported by OSHA compliant laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, WestLand’s Cultural Resources Division has the people power and equipment to produce archaeological research that meets high professional standards.

  • Archival Research
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  • Mitigation of Adverse Effects
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  • Historic Properties Treatment Plans
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  • Inventory/Class III Surveys
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  • Section 106 Consultation
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  • Agency Consultation
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