At WestLand, our purpose is to sustain a friendly, inspired company, where dedicated people work together to create exceptional outcomes.


WestLand’s Vision is to achieve long-term growth and sustainability, as a midsized consulting firm with a strategic presence in key regional markets throughout the West. We will achieve this Vision by maintaining unequaled technical expertise, achieving outstanding results for our clients, and creating dynamic career paths and a culture of caring for our people, while maintaining robust financial health.


Believe in People

  • We affirm the unique worth of every employee. We provide and embrace opportunities for skill-building and professional growth and advancement.
  • We all have a part in creating an environment where everyone can think big, work hard, have fun, and do good.

Respect, Engage, Inspire

  • This is how we treat each other and how we work, every day, in every interaction.
  • How you say it, is as important as what you say.
  • It is part of everyone’s job to engage and inspire the people around them every day.

Excellence Always

  • We strive to deliver our best effort in every situation.
  • We each own the results of our work, and our words.
  • Yesterday’s excellence can be improved upon today.

Anticipate, Adapt, Achieve

  • We design and create the future we want.
  • We adapt graciously.
  • Bring solutions, not problems.

Do the Right Thing

  • Even when it’s hard.
  • Integrity in all things.