At WestLand, our engineering team is devoted to finding innovative solutions to address each client’s unique needs.

Engineering and Excellence

Our engineers go beyond project plans to ensure the success of projects from design through construction—adding considerable value to the end product. WestLand is proud to offer a talented and experienced staff of professional engineers, land surveyors, scientists, and designers to assist with planning, evaluation, design, permitting, and construction management. Our team is well respected and has earned its reputation through proven results and successful projects.


Potable and Reclaimed Water System Engineering Services:

  • Supply system design and well sizing and equipping
  • Water storage, pumping, and distribution system design
  • Hydraulic modeling for fire-flow capacity, residence time, and water quality
  • Water treatment and water plant design
  • Permitting, testing, and certified operator services for public water systems

Wastewater Systems Engineering Services:

  • Gravity sewer system design, including large-diameter trunk mains and
    inverted siphon
  • Sewer lift station and force main design
  • Sewer infrastructure and piping rehabilitation design
  • Odor-control system design
  • Sewer-capacity modeling
  • Wastewater treatment design and system optimization

Construction Management, Procurement, and Contract Administration Services:

  • Bidding services and contract preparation
  • Construction oversight, inspections, and submittal reviews
  • As-built drawing creation

Water Resource and Infrastructure Master Planning Services:

  • Water rights and water source portfolios
  • Water resource master planning
  • Full infrastructure master planning for water and wastewater systems
  • Hydraulic modeling of water and wastewater systems, integration of existing geographic information systems (GIS) data, as-built
    drawings, or AutoCAD files

Mining, Industrial, and Process Solution System Engineering Services:

  • Dewatering system evaluation and design
  • Reclaimed water system design, including barge pump design
  • Process solution and slurry system design
  • Process rehabilitation and expansion design and implementation
  • Well equipping and well field infrastructure design
  • Water balance, water quality, and hydraulic modeling

Federal and State Funding Acquisition Assistance:

  • Coordination with funding agencies (USDA, NADB/BECC, WIFA, etc.)
  • Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs) and Environmental Reports




Engineering Project Portfolio

WestLand People

Susan Gilbert, PE*, ENV SP, MBA

Director of Discipline Services

Mark Taylor, PE*

Sr. Technical Advisor

Craig Cannizzaro, PE*

Discipline Service Lead - Engineering

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