The Challenge

Create an aesthetically appealing landscape that incorporated storm water harvesting, native vegetation and opportunities for untraditional outdoor learning.

The Solution

WestLand prepared initial site analysis documents, which lead to the preservation and incorporation of existing native vegetation into the overall site design. WestLand worked with the civil engineer to develop grading plans for water harvesting throughout the site. The school’s charter focuses on inventive methods for learning and WestLand collaborated with the project architect to create innovative and flexible outdoor classrooms and learning spaces.

The Result

The retention of virtually all storm water runoff within the campus has resulted in robust and vibrant gardens that have attracted the attention of both school staff and the surrounding community. Coupled with the successful preservation of existing mature native trees, the school grounds serve as an illustration of the integration of new architecture with the natural environment.

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The Project

At A Glance

Project Innovation Academy K-5 Elementary School
Sector Public School
Completed 2016

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