Arizona’s First Female Architect, Annie Rockfellow: An Interview with Jennifer Levstik

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WestLand’s own Jennifer Levstick joins Taz Khatri on the Tea with Taz podcast to discuss Annie Graham Rockfellow, the first licensed female architect in Arizona. Annie received her license in the 1920s and spent a large portion of her career working in Henry O. Jaastad’s office in Tucson. Some notable buildings she worked on were the Safford School, Southern Arizona Bank and Trust Co. building, Christian Science church, the first buildings of the Desert Sanatorium, El Conquistador Hotel, La Fonda Buen Provecho Inn, The Young Women’s Christian Association building, and many residences within Tucson’s city limits. Though Annie was well known during her lifetime, today she is relatively unknown in Tucson’s contemporary architecture scene. For Woman’s History Month, Jennifer and Taz sit down for a thorough conversation on Annie’s life and work, shifting her back into the spotlight she deserves.