WestLand Resources Welcomes Kathleen Sterling, Seasoned Contract Negotiator, Team Player and Dog Lover

Contract negotiation is critical to cement goals, manage expectations, drive financial health and establish outcomes between two parties, but Kathleen Sterling sees it through an additional lens. In her 17-years of contract negotiating experience, Kathleen sees her work as paving the way to rich, lasting relationships by finding a balance that connects the companies she works for to their clients.

“When I work through a contract, I view it from the client’s perspective and WestLand Resources’ perspective to achieve a balance and get to the spot that’s a win-win,” she said.  

Before joining Westland, Kathleen worked for Sunquest Information Systems for 11 years in senior contract management roles, including the Director of Client Contracts. The ultimate team player, Kathleen values her project manager’s contribution to the negotiation process. 

“I can’t “see” the relationship we have with our clients through a contract,” she says. “The project manager’s work in putting together a well-considered proposal and representing the client relationship is critical to the success of every negotiation.” 

“Kathleen is the consummate professional, team player and client advocate,” said James A. Tress, Jr. WestLand Resources CEO and President. “We’re excited to have her on our team.”  

Although impressed by the diversity of her coworkers’ experience and their high level of expertise, Kathleen admits her favorite part of the new job is the pet-friendly environment at the Tucson office. “Having a few friendly dogs in the office takes the stress out of the day!”