WestLand Resources Welcomes Sharon Miller, Senior Landscape Architect / Horticulturist

To address the growing number of projects requiring landscape architect, horticulture and sustainability expertise, WestLand Resources welcomed Sharon Miller to their team. Since joining WestLand, Sharon has been a key collaborator on multiple projects, including luxury single-family, single-story rental homes in gated, planned communities.

Before becoming a practicing, registered landscape architect in Arizona, Sharon earned her Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and gained practical experience working with wholesale nurseries. This unique combination of horticulture knowledge, hands-on field experience and expertise as a landscape architect has equipped Sharon to understand how plants interact in multiple environments, from desert to urban, and how to maintain the long-term health, balance and aesthetic beauty of every designed landscape.

“A well-planned landscape can increase a building’s occupancy,” explains Sharon. “When I’m designing a landscape, I visualize myself in the space and figure out how the end-user is going to feel when they’re in that space.”
Sharon enjoys the culture at WestLand Resources, pointing out the talent, intelligence and innovation that’s present among her coworkers, “The team exudes expertise and confidence that gives our clients confidence in our products – there are some clients who’ve been with us for 20 years.”

James A. Tress, Jr. CEO and President added, “We’re enthusiastic to have Sharon on our team and look forward to the great contributions she’ll make to our clients and culture.”