Town Under Black

Many Arizona tribes are having extreme difficulties sourcing sanitizer and PPE for reservation hospitals, healthcare centers, emergency responders, and elder facilities and the need continues to grow. WestLand’s own Becky Caroli, Field Director in Tucson’s Archaeology Department, owns Town Under Black Distillery. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, they have pivoted production from whiskey to alcohol-based sanitizer in an effort to support the tribes that have been hit hard by this virus.

Town Under Black Distillery has been donating 100% of the sanitizer produced to Arizona tribes and communities throughout the state without access to running water, particularly to Hopi and Navajo country. Donations to date haven’t even put a dent in the enormous need that these communities continue to have. Town Under Black has set up a fundraiser to buy several thousand gallons of industrial ethanol with their distilling license to produce more sanitizer and distribute it to those in need.

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