WestLand Resources, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned company

It’s official, as of February 1, 2021, WestLand Resources, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned company!

WestLand Resources is now 100% Employee Owned! On February 1st 2021, after 24 years of successful, client focused service WestLand became a 100 percent employee-owned company. Now every employee of WestLand can realize the fruits of their labor. We believe in people and whatever the future holds, the employee owners of WestLand are up to the challenge. Employee ownership aligns with WestLand’s mission, vision, and values and provides a means for our employees to secure their and their family’s future through their hard work and diligence. We have always believed that the most secure investment one can make is in themselves and in adopting a qualified employee stock ownership plan we have now provided this opportunity to each one of our employees.